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Video analytical intrusion detection (VAID) is at the cutting edge of the most sophisticated security equipment available today. Originally developed for military purposes, this technology is now available for use in commercial applications. RSC Security is one of the few UK companies licensed and trained to install this equipment by the global leader, Ioimage.

VAID provides automatic surveillance that detects and responds to prohibited movement, in predetermined areas. It can be used with both static and functional cameras. It can respond to movement on cameras or to tripwires and optical beams.

Just How Sophisticated Is It?

  • Can provide alarms or prohibit entrance from a specific direction, for example if someone climbs over a fence, but it ignores normal activity in the same area.
  • Can recognise different intruder types, for example it will ignore animals but respond to humans.
  • Can respond to vehicles or people travelling in the wrong direction, or stopping where they shouldn’t, but ignores normal traffic.
  • Can watch things for when they are moved and not replaced
  • Can "learn" what is normal and suspicious behaviour.
  • Can look out for more than one risk situation at the same time
  • Replaces a wide range of passive and active devices such as PIR’s and beams but cannot be tampered with like hard-wired sensors.

The added benefit is that this sophisticated technology is much less expensive than you might expect!

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