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Number Plate Recognition

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Why use ANPR?

If you need to manage vehicle access parking, detect unknown vehicles or just welcome staff and visitors with a custom message, check what an ANPR system can do for your business.

How it works

ANPR is a proven, reliable, Automated Number Plate Recognition and capture solution. An image is automatically acquired by camera, irrespective of vehicle speed and number plate condition, even with oncoming headlights at night. Once acquired, a software engine analyses the image and decodes the vehicle registration number, then decides on the correct action to take. Images are electronically stored for future retrieval if required.

Actions can include:

  • Automatic entry for authorised vehicles to secure areas
  • Car parking charges
  • Automatic activation of a secondary camera, to record the driver or some other feature such as the viewing and recording the load on a lorry.
  • Security notification of known suspect vehicles
  • Vehicle speed logging
  • Average length of vehicle stay
  • Generating welcome messages to arriving visitors
  • Detailed logging and analysis of all vehicles, including times, areas and movement patterns.
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