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Fibre Optics

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Fibre Optic Transmission.

RSC Security offers all forms of signal transmission from the simplest of cables to the most sophisticated microwave technology. Wherever possible we recommend the use of fibre optical transmission for CCTV, access control and networking. It is impervious to interference and electrical noise, even in the presence of high power electrical equipment.

Optical fibres are revolutionising the security industry. Security systems can also be combined with computer networks, reducing the need to make extensive modifications to buildings just to install new cables.

RSC Security can supply, install and terminate fibre on any new installation or as part of an existing system upgrade. We can also re-use existing fibres to avoid expensive cable installations.

Advantages and Possibilities

Compared to conventional copper wire, optical fibres are:

  • Less expensive for all but the shortest distances
  • Space and weight saving - optical fibres can be drawn into smaller spaces and do not need to be separated from other cable types.
  • Higher carrying capacity - more fibres fit in the same space but also a much greater number of signals can go down a single cable.
  • Less signal degradation optical fibres can be much longer than copper and have the added benefit of suffering zero interference.
  • Safer no electrical current means no fire risk if cables are damaged. Unlike copper, optical cables cannot be overloaded.
  • Multi purpose can be used for a mixed environment of security, telecoms and computer networks.
  • Impervious to lightning strikes
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