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Electric Traffic Barriers

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RSC Security works with traffic barrier manufacturers to provide a bespoke, fully integrated solution for site access, traffic control and emergency situations. Barriers can be manually or automatically controlled and, of course, we can integrate with CCTV, access control and even automated recognition systems.

We can even provide emergency lock-out or lock-in barriers to ensuring higher levels of security for large sites where there are many temptations for the determined thief who might make light work of a normal traffic barrier.

Safety loops are routinely installed in the road surface to prevent the electronic traffic barriers being lowered onto a waiting vehicle.

Advantages & Possibilities

  • Provides security against unwanted vehicles entering your property.
  • Controls traffic flow
  • May be used in conjunction with a computerised swipe card system which will record individuals and their entry and exit times.
  • Can be integrated with weighbridges or other entry/exit facilities
  • Can be left unattended to automatically manage vehicle entry and exit
  • Variable levels of traffic security for different vehicle types and at different times.
  • Can be operated remotely, in conjunction with audio or video equipment, freeing up people to do more than just sit watching the gate.
  • Control can even be allowed from mobile devices so that out of hours security staff can be more effective.

Whatever your electronic traffic barrier needs in Sheffield and throughout the UK get in touch now on 0114 360 1955 or visit our contact us page..

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