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Just about anyone can install a CCTV camera; only those with expertise and training in this field can specify and provide the optimum equipment to give the best definition or coverage for a particular location in all lighting conditions.

Statistics point to major reductions in crime where CCTV systems are installed. Equally, much video evidence is inadmissible in court because the images obtained are of such poor quality.

With the latest in camera, matrix and digital recording technology, even small, lower cost CCTV systems now give high quality results.

Large CCTV Systems

We specify, install and maintain the sort of high capacity CCTV systems required on larger sites or in complicated systems. These include sophisticated controls, recording equipment and interfaces to building management systems. Systems can include movement detection and automated actuation. We have installations which work in total darkness or can survive in the most hostile working environments such as steel melting shops. We do not use the same solution for every customer, instead we tailor the solution around your unique specific needs. RSC Security Solutions Ltd in Sheffield can advise you on the correct solution for your site from the planning stage through to the commissioning of the system and then with the on going maintenance.

CCTV maintenance schemes

New or existing CCTV systems can be covered by a system maintenance scheme giving you peace of mind in the event of equipment or system failure. Contact our sales team for information.

Free CCTV system health check-up

Please contact our sales team in Sheffield to arrange a free CCTV system check-up on 0114 360 1955 or visit our contact us page.

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